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DualUp is a feature rich email marketing platform which makes it simple for you to create, send and manage your email marketing campaigns.

Drag & Drop Designer

Easily create amazing emails with our designer, simply 'drag and drop' images, video and content blocks together to make a unique design.

Campaign Personalization

Personalise your email subject lines and content by pulling from your list data to create effective campaigns.

Import Your Own Designs

Simply import your email design as a zip folder containing HTML and images and DualUp will prepare your email campaign.


Select from a huge range of pre-designed email templates, from ‘Halloween’ to ‘Food and Dining’ and everything inbetween.


Non English emails are encoded in UFT-8 which supports over 10 languages. Mail client support for UFT-8 is strong, which means your emails are always delivered in the language you send them in.

HTML Editor

Use the HTML editor to directly edit the HTML code of your email design for finer control and advanced customization.


Create automatically triggered emails based on your subscribers activity. From welcome emails to birthday messages, email automation increases marketing effectiveness and efficiency
High delivery rates come standard
With the latest authentication standards, including SPF and DKIM, along with our Return Path partnership, we ensure that your emails have the best opportunity to make it to the inbox
Integrate your own systems with DualUp and send emails using our powerful set of APIs. Get started now and check out our API documentation


List Cleaning

Invalid email addresses are automatically removed to keep your lists clean. Clean lists improve the performance of your email campaigns.


Visual reports let you measure the performance of your email campaigns at a glance. Export as a PDF and use this knowledge to make informed business decisions and improve your email marketing ROI.

Double Opt In

Laser-focus your list and increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns with our double opt-in functionality.

Suppression List Management

Comply with electronic messaging laws and respect your subscribers by using suppression data. Provide suppression data within your lists or simply import lists to be marked as ‘unsubscribed’ and respect subscriber preferences.

Custom Fields For List Segmentation

Boost your campaign performance by sending your subscribers emails they want to open. Our custom fields let you create highly segmented lists easily.